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Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a disease where the substance changes chemicals in the brain. This causes the brain to send signals to the body to "crave" the drug when not in use. The drug becomes a part of a person, and without it a person will experience withdrawal symptoms that can range from uncomfortable to severe. Because anyone addicted to drugs and/or alcohol will experience withdrawal symptoms if they abuse a substance, medical detox centers in Elgin, IL, can help reduce the most serious effects.

Drug and alcohol medical detox is a process by which a person usually stays at a medical detox center. There, the person will stop using drugs and/or alcohol or follow a tapering plan where they will use less and less of a substance until they completely stop using that substance. This medical detox process will cause a person to experience withdrawal symptoms.

When they do, doctors and medical personnel will administer medications designed to reduce cravings and minimize side effects. Therefore, the term "medical detox" applies to the fact that it is both a medically supervised detox program as well as that medications are administered to treat side effects associated with the withdrawal process.

Why Is It Dangerous to Detox at Home?

Some people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction believe they can quit using drugs any time or that they are in control of their problems. They are often surprised at the side effects that come with stopping using a particular drug.

Sometimes, if their side effects are especially bad, they may stop the detox process by themselves and take even more of a drug or drink more than they usually do as a means to stop the symptoms. This can result in potentially deadly side effects and illustrates why it can be so dangerous to detox at home.

Another reason why detoxing at home is dangerous is that withdrawal symptoms of drugs and/or alcohol can sometimes have deadly effects. For example, withdrawal from methamphetamines is known to cause suicidal thoughts and thoughts of self-harm. Withdrawal from alcohol can cause a severe sickness known as the delirium tremens or DTs where a person can have hallucinations, tremors, and life-threatening seizures. A reputable center for drug and alcohol withdrawal treatment in Elgin, for example, can help tremendously.

The expertise of the staff at medical detox centers in Elgin, IL, can provide around-the-clock care to reduce the likelihood these symptoms will occur in the first place. While a person is experiencing the most severe symptoms associated with drug and alcohol withdrawals, they can have medical and psychosocial support to successfully quit abusing drugs and/or alcohol.

Why Should I Enter a Medical Detox Center?

Quitting using drugs and alcohol is never easy. A person needs every benefit on their side in order to succeed in stopping their history of substance abuse. Medical detox is often the first and very important step in a series of commitments to sobriety. At medical detox centers in Elgin, IL, a person can receive medical support to make the detox process as easy as it can be.

Medical detox provides a safe place for a person to start their journey to sobriety. They can remove themselves from the stresses and pressures of everyday life and the outside influences that may be keeping them in a dangerous pattern of drug and alcohol abuse. Through working with experts at a medical detox treatment facility, they can receive a customized treatment plan that takes into consideration the person's unique health history and history of drug and/or alcohol abuse.

The detox process usually takes somewhere between 6 and 14 days to accomplish. After this time, a person can choose to continue with inpatient rehabilitation or may opt for an outpatient rehabilitation program to maintain their results. When they finish their initial program at medical detox centers in Elgin, IL, they can move forward to behavioral counseling and continuing to prevent relapse.

While medical detox programs are the start to a long journey of sobriety, they are an important and integral services to a person's success. Drug and alcohol abuse does not offer a future for any person who chooses it.

The long-term effects of affected health, memory, relationships, and job prospects can be devastating to a person who continues to abuse drugs. Choosing addiction treatment for medical detox means that a person can start the process of ridding themselves of the substances that have harmed them for so long. Call Elgin Alcohol Rehab Centers now for help (224) 265-0320.

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